Sophie Lipman

Sophie collaborates with artists and activists to bring co-created projects to life, often using the arts to connect people, build relationships, share under-heard and under-acknowledge stories, foster empathy, find collective power in our creativity, see ourselves and each other through new lenses, and become better neighbors. She sees herself as a weaver - one of relationships, ideas, and support; someone who seeks to connect similar or seemingly disparate threads, bringing them together in a united tapestry of collaboration.

Sophie serves as the Public Programs and Engagement Manager at Pulitzer Arts Foundation, where she assists in the management and coordination of large-scale commissions as well as works to engage neighbors and other community members as integral partners in Pulitzer programming. She is also active in the movement for black and brown lives, using her skills as an artist and organizer to support platforms established by local grass-roots networks. Sophie is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis as well as of the Regional Arts Commission's Community Arts Training Institute.  


Project Management 


Fellowships and
Distinguished Roles 

Exhibitions, Collections, Publications 



2015-present, Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Public Programs and Engagement Manager; commissions managed:
            2017, A Way, Away (Listen While I Say)
            2016, 4562 Enright Avenue 
            2014, Lots
2014-present, FoodSpark, Co-Organizer 
2015, United Story Summit, Co-Organizer
2017, Witnessing Whiteness, Co-Facilitator 
2015-present, FoodSpark, Co-Organizer
2015, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Teaching Artist
2014, Center of Creative Arts, Arts Teacher
2013, Missouri History Museum, K-12 Educational Interpreter 

2017, StartingBlock Fellow, New York
2016-present, Regional Arts Commission, Citizen Review Panelist
2016, CULTURE/SHIFT, Kitchen Cabinet Member
2015, Community Arts Training Fellow 
2017, Art in America, “Staying Put”, James McNally
2016, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture Collection, Mirror Casket 
2016, Smithsonian Magazine, "The Powerful Objects From the Collections of the Smithsonian’s Newest Museum", Angela Davis. 
2015, IMPTXDESIGN.14/15., Regional Arts Commission
2015, With Not For, Regional Arts Commission,
2015, FoodSpark Showcase, 14th Street Community Artist Gallery
2012, Graphic Impressions: The Newsletter of SGC International
2012, Hard To Get: Printmaking BFA Show, Des Lee Gallery, St. Louis
2012, Varsity Art XVI – Art Saint Louis
2012, Prepared: Strategies for Activists, Spencer Museum of Art
2012, Washington University in St. Louis Bachelor of Fine Arts, Double Major in Printmaking/Drawing & Mathematics
2010, Santa Reparata International School of Art, Florence, Italy; Focus: Drawing and Renaissance Art History 



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